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  • Football Mah Jong 6

    Play Online football Games online football Play Online football Games online football games at Planters. Try the quarterback football game Shootout. Check your scores on our world Cup Fantasy football game and win a
  • UEFA Manager 2000 1.0

    The online football manager's gave offer realistic insight to the daily activities and concerns that a UEFA champion's league football manager faces. It creates the perfect platform to become involved in the
  • UEFA Champions League Adept 1.0

    The online football manager's gave offer realistic insight to the daily activities and concerns that a UEFA champion's league football manager faces. It creates the perfect platform to become involved in the
  • World Cup Manager 1.2

    Select your nation and choose the best 23 players to take with you in Germany this summer. Design your winning tactic and play against the best football teams in the world. The best football manager game about the Fifa
  • Slam Soccer 2006 6

    football world Cup 2006 in Germany! What, you are not taking part? You can not play football at all? As if! Everybody started from scratch. You begin in the muddy village league and work your way up to the
  • Team Manager 2005 1.1

    Play the latest football manager challenge with Team manager 2005. Enter the fast and frantic world of football and build up your ultimate dream team. Once in the hot seat, you can agonise over team selection, scout the
  • Dirk´s Free Football Manager 2.8

    "Dirk´s Free football manager" is an offline football manager game. The game simulates the top three leagues in English and German football. Amongst these there are both the financial aspects like sponsoring, contracts
  • Football World Manager 2000 1.0

    football world manager 2000 is a football computer game in which you will be able to play at least 20 leagues in up to 7 different countries. The database of FIFA soccer manager is composed of 7500+ players in which
  • Tattorn Football 1.0

    A football manager game consisting of 147 national teams, 99 clubs and 4 playable leagues. It is a free alternative to football manager series by SI
  • FootBall Pool Manager Pro 2.0.2R7

    football Pool manager Pro is a Sports Pool program for "American" or "Gridiron" football. It is written in PHP and loads data from a MySQL Database. Tested and installs cleanly using FC4. Be the first to post a text
  • 50 PC Game Icons 08 -

    Following icons are included in the PC Game Dock Icons: Black Buccaneer; Championship manager 2009; Attack on Pearl Harbor; football manager 2005; football manager 2007; Frontline - Fields of Thunder; Battlestations -
  • Foot ball 02 10

    football online game Sunday league football manager game - football game - soccer game is the worlds biggest and funniest online football management game. Free Online football Games - Planters Free online football
  • World Cup Toolbar 1.0

    This world Cup Toolbar is an easy-to-use group of buttons that sits in your Internet browser. When clicked, these buttons search Google and the best world cup websites like Soccernet and Yahoo! world Cup site. It
  • WorldPool2010 1.0

    worldPool2010 is a program to maintain a world Cup 2010 football pool from behind your PC on the Internet or Intranet. Do you want to organise a football pool among your colleagues, friends or customers? Do you want to
  • Football Mogul 2003 1.0

    Introducing football Mogul 2003, a football simulation that puts you in charge of a professional football franchise!Do you have what it takes to manage a professional football team? What would you do differently if you
  • World Cup Manager 2006 1.2

    world Cup manager 2006 1.2 is a game which is of this summer world Cup in Germany. In this world Cup success depends on you. Major Features: Select your nation and choose the best 23 players to take with you in Germany
  • SocAll 2010

    SocAll is a football (soccer) statistics software, specially designed for football fans and bettors. The program keeps football stats of major world football leagues and tournaments. SocAll provides collection and
  • Goal 02 6

    football Game. Play the world's leading football Game. Play the world's leading online football game FREE. Pit your skills against real players online and WIN great prizes. Buy ticket, mascot, flight and more and
  • Soccer 01 6

    football. Play your strategy against the comp football. Play your strategy against the computer in this football game! football fun for year round. Online Fantasy Soccer Management Games. Online multiplayer soccer
  • BlisScout PlayMaker 1.0

    Definition: football scouting software. There are two main types of software, and they are system software (operating systems like Windows 95, XP, or UNIX--which control the workings of the computer), and applications
  • Hattrick 1.0

    Hattrick is the original online football manager game, and it's free to play. Here you get to create your own club, build the team of your dreams, and compete against hundreds of thousands of real people from all over
  • SBC Mobile Football 2.0.1

    All football in your pocket All football in your pocket - latest news, updates and highlights! SBC Mobile football - the reliable source of the most actual and exact information about the football in your BlackBerry.
  • Matchday 1.4.3

    Matchday is a free football manager game played over the internet. Matchday lets you build and manage your own football club. You control every aspect of your club from team selections to club finances. In Matchday you
  • World 3D Cup 2006 Player 1.2

    world Cup 2006 in 3D view! Watch the hottest moments of all world Cup 2006 matches in 3D anytime on your computer. Watch all the matches played by your favorite team in virtual replay. Learn more about world Cup 2006
  • Football Manager 2011 Patch 11.3

    You can use this patch that is the update for football manager 2011. Its usage enables you to make and manage your football team as well as remember that you can only win the cup if your team has the best instructor.
  • Heroic Sports Football 1.6.0

    It is the year 2030. football has evolved. Heroic Sports football is a faced paced fantasy football game in which you build a team of rookies, set up a football club and then take on the greatest teams the world has to
  • Football Stat Manager 2.1.0

    football Stat manager allows you to manage statistics for your football team. Track your players over multiple seasons in many stats. Stat manager also manages your team's practice and game schedules. Print and email to
  • EPL Football Toolbar 1.1

    The handy toolbar for all those who are football player or fond of football is EPL football Toolbar that lets them to get the latest EPL football live scores as well as results, news, odds, games and more rite on your
  • Supporter Kit 2.2

    This helps football fans to support their favorite team at the 2006 world Championships by showing next match schedule info and by making football noises. Double-click on each item to make different
  • UFL And The UFL Manager 2.2

    UFL (Universal football League) was released by Larry Rodgers in 2004. It is a text-based (American) football simulator.The UFL manager is a utility to assist with UFL gaming.System Requirements: Windows